About Us

Our Philosophy:

A love for beautiful things is the driving force behind everything we do at Flowers By Teresa. It is our wish to enrich the lives of others by bringing beautiful things into their lives. Flowers, not just any flowers - lush, fragrant, striking, attention seeking flowers. Gifts that make your heart sing, body products to indulge in or to include in your every day – its all about “Giving a Beautiful Sensory Experience”

About Teresa:

There is no comparison to Teresa. With her discerning eye she travels the world, returning to delight customers with new inspiration and goodies to line the walls of her coffee-coloured haven in Sydney. Her floral inspiration is boundless and the shop itself is a true reflection of her style. A spiritual pick-me-up, one is welcomed into the shop for just that. Certainly, for a fix of the finer things in life, Teresa offers all things fresh and fragrant.